A downloadable game engine for Windows and Linux

libre game engine for live performances and artgames

POZZO is 2d/3d general purpose game engine able to communicate with common vjing software and controllers for on-stage visuals.
The development is following polymorph.sh projects.

POZZO is a custom build of godot with a redesigned editor and extra modules:

already available:


follow development here and feel free to post requests in the issues

to edit your project, use pozzo.editor

to distribute your project, download pozzo.template.zip and configure your project to use them ( see documentation )


pozzo.x11.tools.64.llvm 342 MB
pozzo.windows.tools.64.exe 908 MB
pozzo.templates.zip 321 MB

Development log


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to use it on arch based distro:

sudo pacman -S ocl-icd opencl-nvidia